Organic Farming

At Godminster, our mindset has always been “Nature repays those who treat her kindly”. Keeping in mind the signs that the planet is already exhibiting, organic farming has never been more pertinent.  We hear from our customers that organic practices are becoming increasingly important to them, shaping the way consumers shop.

The UK organic market has been growing year on year. As we approach our twentieth anniversary of organic farming, we see a relaxed and approachable herd of cows. We feed all our cows on forage and a plant-based diet. This results in improved overall herd health and wellbeing. Moreover, we are proud that our hard work is preserving the landscape and the environment for future generations.

Godminster Farm Cow Heard

Out and about, our understanding of rotational crop management at Godminster Farm improves annually. Additionally, we are also seeing the benefits of past habitat creation and management (woodlands, ponds, hedgerows). As a result, leading to further improvements in soil, water and air quality, as well as visible increases in biodiversity and population sizes.

The Soil Association’s Organic Market Report 2019 states that, “Organic integrity and values are aligned with many of today’s consumers who continue to see it as a key signpost to health. It fits well with mindful consumerism, environmentalism, veganism – not applicable to Godminster – and vegetarianism – trends which are dominating the market.”