Godminster Girls

“The Godminster Girls,” our beautiful cows, are made up of various different breeds, largely Friesian, Normande and Short Horn. There are around 320 cows on Godminster Farm, and the herd is organic, which means the grass they graze on is not exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Richard adopted a holistic approach to the cows’ ongoing health early on, including making specific herbs accessible to the cows to augment their wellbeing, and the use of homeopathy to prevent disease, rather than antibiotics which impacts milk production and can reduce immunity.

When the summer grazing months are over, the cows enjoy specially grown feeds planted at Godminster Farm comprising oats, barley, grasses and peas to mention a few, which provide the cows with a wholesome and balanced diet supplemented with the herbs available as forage along the tracks that lead in and out of the dairy.

As far as possible, the Girls are outside, helping themselves to grass and forage as they please, and when the weather is too wet or chilly, they stay in our warm, dry barns where they have plenty of room. It’s always a joy to watch the cows on “Turning Out” day – the first big day back in the fields each Spring.
We only source milk from our own herd and from other UK organic producers as required because we need to be sure that all milk is coming from farms that share our values and take the same care of their animals and land that we do.