The Godminster Banquet Cheese Cake


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The Godminster Banquet Cheese Cake is a showstopping centerpiece for your next party! With over 7kg of cheese, this glorious stack of British cheeses is perfect for 80 to 90 guests. As cheese experts, our team has put together what we think will make the perfect cheese buffet for your event at just under £2.50 per guest (based on 90 guests). Give your wedding or celebratory event a unique twist with a delicious cake made of cheese wheels!

The Godminster Cheese Wedding Cake features the following (from base to top):

  • 3kg Cornish Yarg – (Height 7cm x Diameter 26cm)
  • 2kg of Colston Bassett Stilton (base layer) – (Height 6cm x Diameter 21cm)
  • 1kg Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar – (Height 5cm x Diameter 15.5cm)
  • 400g Vintage Organic Cheddar – (Height 5cm x Diameter 10.5cm)
  • 200g Ismay (Dorset soft cheese) – (Height 4cm x Diameter 9.5cm)
  • 200g Oak-Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar – (Height 4.5cm x Diameter 9.5cm)
  • 200g Heart-Shaped Vintage Organic Cheddar (top layer) – (Height 4.5cm x Diameter 8.5cm)


Please note: Some independent cheesemakers are still suffering the effects of Brexit and COVID19, therefore some cheeses may be difficult to supply at peak times. We will endeavour to always substitute any hard-to-get items with cheeses of similar value and taste. Please accept our apologies for any last-minute substitutions!


Godminster Wedding Cake Delivery

  • As with all our cheese wedding cakes, we recommend that you place your order with us at least 2 weeks in advance
  • When checking out, please select a delivery day at least 3 days before your event as our couriers may sometimes have unexpected delays
  • We cannot provide a refund if your venue doesn’t accept outside catering so please double check this before ordering to avoid disappointment
  • Please liaise with your venue to check if it will accept deliveries as our couriers will not be able to do this
  • Please double check your email address as this will be the contact email for any delivery notifications on the day
  • The cheese wheel wedding cake will be delivered in an insulated box. Assembly is easy and can be done in minutes – simply stack one cheese on top of the other!


Catering for more guests? Explore our range of cheese wedding cakes or why not add extra cases of Vintage Organic Cheddars to place around your cake! Alternatively, if you’re looking for a smaller cheese wedding cake, why not check out our Godminster Feast Cheese Cake? You can also order chutney and a range of gourmet artisan crackers to go with your cake to complete your buffet.

If you have any questions about our cheese wheel wedding cake products, please do not hesitate to get in touch- we’d love to hear from you!


Cheese wedding cake FAQs


How to make a cheese cake?

A cheese wheel wedding cake is the perfect tabletop display for happy couples (and their guests!) who love cheese. When building a cheese wheel cake, you want to ensure that you’re including a variety of cheeses to suit everyone’s tastes. Here at Godminster, we do the hard part of sourcing the very best cheeses for your cheese wedding cake – so you don’t have to! All of our cheese wedding cakes are easy to assemble and you can decorate them however you wish so they fit in with your wedding’s theme. You just need to remember to stack the cheeses based on size (i.e. the smallest cheese should be on the top of the cake and the largest should be the base), this will prevent the cheese wedding cake from toppling over.

Why not read our blog on creating the perfect cheese wedding cake to get more ideas


How to decorate a cheese wedding cake?

You may be thinking ahead to how you’ll decorate your cheese wedding cake – here are some of our top tips:

  • Tie the cheese wedding cake in with your theme – having a cake made of cheese wheels could be the talk of the table as it’s a unique break from tradition. You can tie the cake in with your wedding through effective use of decor. For example, if your wedding is more simplistic, you could wrap your cheese wedding cake in raffia to create a rustic effect.
  • Decorate according to the season – you could decorate your cheese wedding cake based on the season of the year your special day takes place. For example, nuts and plums make the perfect addition to cakes in colder months and berries are ideal for summertime.
  • Use flowers that fit the style of the wedding – flowers are often used to decorate cheese wedding cakes and you can try matching the flowers on the cake to the bridal bouquet. Whatever flowers you choose, make sure that they’re non-toxic first!


How much cheese per person at a wedding?

Approximately 70-100g of cheese should be the perfect amount of cheese per person at your wedding. That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that not everyone will want to eat the same amount of cheese (for example, children will likely want to have smaller portions). Our Banquet Godminster cheese wedding cake is designed to cater for 80-90 guests. For more cheese wheel wedding cake sizes, check out our full range of cheese wedding cakes.


How long does a wheel of cheese last?

Here at Godminster we guarantee at least 30 days of life for our vintage organic cheddar cheese products and at least 20 days for our oak-smoked and black truffle cheddars. That said, our cheese wheel wedding cakes include various British cheeses so they may have different best before dates. It’s also worth bearing in mind the conditions of the venue as hot and humid conditions can affect the quality of the cheese.


How to cut a wheel of cheese?

A cake made of cheese wheels can be cut in the same way you would cut a traditional wedding cake. Remember, you’ll have less of the top-tier cheeses so if you want your guests to be able to taste all of the layers, it could be worth ordering a few more of the smaller cheeses which can be served once the cheese wedding cake has been cut.