Chutney and Crackers Add-On Package


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When ordering the very best of British cheese in your cheese cake then you need the very best of British crackers and chutney to accompany it!

Godminster’s handmade crackers and award-winning chutney add-on package is designed to provide the perfect amount of accompaniments to your Godminster cheese cake depending on your requirements.

This package includes enough crackers to cater for approximately two crackers per person (based on 100+ guests):

  • 10 boxes of Oat Digestives
  • 8 boxes of Rosemary Water Biscuits
  • 5 jars of Beetroot & Apple Chutney

How to store me

All ambient products need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Please note: crackers are fragile.

Nutritional value

Digestives Nutritional Analysis (per 100g)

Energy: 1908kJ /455kcal

Fat 18.2g

Of which saturates 12.2g

Total Carbohydrates: 67.7g

Protein: 7.2g

Salt: 2.7825g

Allergens – Contains Wheat, flour, Gluten and (Milk).  May contain traces of nuts.



Rosemary Water Biscuits Nutritional Analysis (per 100g)

Energy: 1982kJ/473kcal

Fat 21.2g

Of which saturates 12.9g

Total Carbohydrates: 64.1g

of which Sugar  7.9g

Protein: 9.7g

Salt: 2.04

Allergens- Contains Wheat, flour, Gluten and butter (Milk). May contain traces of nuts.


Energy: 426kJ/99kcal

Fat 0.0g

Of which saturates 0.0g

Total Carbohydrates: 24.1g


Protein: 0.7g

Salt: 0.0g

Produced on a site where  nuts are present