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After Dinner Truffle and Port Selection – Round


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Bruton Beauty


Why not try our Black Truffle After Dinner Port Selection Gift Set? Our port and cheese gifts make for the perfect cheese board to follow a splendid dinner with friends (or as a treat for yourself or your loved ones!). Combining a pair of our legendary waxed truckles with a beautiful bottle of Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port, it’s a luxurious treat for any occasion, such as Christmas time or for a birthday.

The smooth creaminess of our Vintage Bruton Beauty Organic Cheddar and the rich flavour of our Howling Hound Black Truffle Organic Vintage Cheddar pair together beautifully with our carefully selected port in our luxury port and cheese gift set.


The Black Truffle After Dinner Port Selection Gift Set features:

You can also find more port and cheese gifts on our product page. You must be 18 years old or over to purchase our port and cheese hamper as it contains alcohol.


Howling Hound

About The Bruton Beauty

A mysterious, rarely spotted creature, the Bruton Beauty lives out of sight on the Godminster farm, and brings the gift of good fortune to all those she passes. Our original cheddar and a firm favourite, the Vintage Bruton Beauty’s signature smoothness puts it firmly at the heart of the cheeseboard.

About the Howling HOund

This black dog – a distant cousin of the trusty truffle hound – roams wild on Somerset hills and is a good omen, protector and guide to all those who see it. Bold and rich, this deeply flavoured cheddar’s character comes from real black truffles for a truly special experience. Indulgent and luxurious, this cheddar is overflowing with rich and moreish flavours you would expect of delicious fresh truffles.


Multi Award-Winning Products

We’re delighted to say our Vintage Organic Cheddar which we include with our port selection was named as The Nation’s Favourite Organic Product in 2019 at the BOOM Awards hosted by the Soil Association thanks to votes from the general public!

Our Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar won Gold at the prestigious International Cheese Awards.

We make our cheddar using a traditional 90-year-old recipe and mature it for up to 12 months. After that, we select the very best cheese to make it into one of our award-winning truckles. It has a rich depth of flavour with a smooth texture. All of our cheese is made using pasteurised milk and is certified organic by the Soil Association. They contain no artificial preservatives, and they are suitable for vegetarians.

If you have any questions about our cheese and port set or any of our other products, please do get in touch – we’d be happy to help!



The Vintage Bruton Beauty is enrobed in our signature burgundy wax to protect it and give it a longer shelf life. This special food-grade wax is a by-product of refining petroleum and would otherwise go to waste!

Our cheese comes packaged in an attractive gift box made from recycled cardboard that is also recyclable.

Cut into your truckle in Godminster style by chopping off the top and tucking in! Carefully score around the top and lift the lid to enjoy the delicious cheddar inside.


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Port and cheese gift set FAQs


What cheese goes with port?

Port pairs perfectly with the rich flavours of aged cheese such as cheddar or blue cheese. Here at Godminster, our port and cheese gift set pairs tawny port with our smooth and creamy Vintage Bruton Beauty Organic Cheddar and Howling Hound Black Truffle Vintage cheddar – matches we believe were made in heaven! 


What is truffle cheese?

Truffle cheese is a type of cheese that has been flavoured with truffles (which are harvested from underground). In terms of taste, truffles tend to have an earthy, garlicky and nutty flavour to them – our black truffle cheese which comes as part of our port and cheese hamper has rich and moreish flavours that are sure to please any cheese lover!


Is truffle cheese vegetarian?

Our truffle cheese which comes as part of our cheese and port set is suitable for vegetarians. 


What is a tawny port?

Tawny ports are wines that are typically made from red grapes and have been wood-aged (in wooden barrels) for at least three years. Our tawny port which comes as part of our port and cheese gift set is aged ten years for an incredible taste. 


How long does 10-year-old tawny port last once open?

How long a 10-year-old tawny port will last once opened may vary but it can usually be kept for four to twelve weeks once opened; you will just have to bear in mind that its taste will be affected by the length of time it is left open so it’s best to enjoy your port and cheese hamper at your earliest convenience!


What to eat with tawny port

Tawny port pairs beautifully with aged cheeses such as cheddar, which is why we’ve married it up with our award-winning Howling Hound Black Truffle cheddar and creamy Vintage Bruton Beauty Organic Cheddar in our port and cheese hamper. You can also enjoy nibbles such as olives or smoked foods such as almonds, salmon or meats. 

All of our organic cheeses require refrigeration.

In order to enjoy your Godminster organic cheddar cheese at its best, allow it to come up to room temperature an hour before serving to bring out all the lovely flavours.

If there’s any left afterwards then replace the wax as best you can, wrap it in cling film (or cheese paper if available) and refrigerate.

Vintage Bruton Beauty Organic Cheddar: Nutritional Analysis (per 100g)
Energy:  1725kJ/416 kcal
Fat: 34.9g
Of which saturates: 21.7g
Total Carbohydrates: 0.1g
Sugar: <0.001g
Protein: 25.4g

Allergens- Contains Milk


Black Truffle Howling Hound Organic Vintage Cheddar: Nutritional Analysis (per 100g)
Energy: 1714kJ/414 kcal
Protein: 25g
Total Carbohydrates: 0.1g
Sugar: 0.1g
Dietary Fibre: 0.1g
Fat: 34.8g
Of which saturates: 21.4g
Sodium (mg): 1.8g
Allergens – Contains Milk

Graham’s 10 Year Tawny Port:
Contains Sulphite


To ensure the cheese is out of refrigeration for as little time as possible, we deliver all of our gifts via DPD's fully tracked next-day express courier service. Unfortunately we're not able to deliver to Scottish Highlands or any UK islands as these are 2 day deliveries. Check your inbox for email notifications when your cheese is despatched and ensure someone is available to sign for your delivery. If you have any questions, please email and we'd be happy to help!