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Valentine's Day Cheese Gifts

Planning a romantic wine and cheese night? Our organic and romantic heart-shaped cheeses are lovingly crafted by Godminster and make the perfect food Valentine’s Day cheese gift. Spread the love with our foodie Valentine’s Day gifts, featuring our heart-shaped cheddar cheese range. With our combination of smooth and creamy organic cheddars, our Valentine’s Day cheese hampers are perfect for spoiling your cheese-loving lover.

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Foodie Valentine’s Day cheese gifts

Show them you care this Valentine’s Day with a Valentine’s Day cheese gift from our heart-shaped cheese range. Choose from our selection of Valentine’s hamper gifts featuring cheese, chutney, Port, biscuits, and much more. From romantic cheese gifts for your loved one, to cute Valentine’s cheese gifts for your best friends, find just what you need to spread the joy this Valentine’s Day.

How to make Valentine’s Day gift baskets

Valentine’s Day cheese gift baskets are the perfect way to give a special someone a variety of goodies. If you know a cheese lover, you can include some of their favourite cheese and wine. Here’s some of our tips on creating Valentine’s day cheese gift baskets:

  • Select a gift basket – a wicker basket is a popular choice but you could also consider presenting your Valentine’s presents in a decorative box, tin or wooden box. You just need to make sure that you choose the right-sized basket as this will prevent items from falling out.
  • Line your gift basket – adding some colourful tissue paper or raffia will not only help to keep the goodies safe, it will make your gift basket stand out! You could stick to a Valentine’s Day theme by using red tissue paper (or, you could include their favourite colours if you know them).
  • Include your loved-one’s favourite treats – for example, you could give a cheese lover a selection of cheeses along with items that compliment it, such as chutneys, crackers and wine. You could also include some personalised cheese gifts to make the hamper more special, such as buying a personalised Valentine’s Day cheese board or cheese cutter.
  • Ensure that each item is wrapped and stored appropriately – for example, you may need to wrap cheese to preserve its moisture and keep perishables refrigerated until you’re about to wrap and present the gift basket to your Valentine.
  • Think about the arrangement of the contents – heavier items should sit at the bottom of the gift basket so that they don’t damage other items and taller items should sit at the back so that you can see everything inside.
  • Add any extra touches – to take your Valentine’s Day cheese gift basket to the next level, you could wrap it up in cellophane and tie a ribbon around it to really make it look the part. 

Alternatively, you could treat your Valentine to a pre-made hamper box. Here at Godminster, we sell a range of cheese hampers which include our award-winning organic cheddar cheese, wine and other treats such as flavoursome crackers.

Romantic wine and cheese picnic ideas

Planning a romantic wine and cheese picnic this Valentine’s Day? Here’s just a few ideas you could consider:

  • Having a cheese and wine ‘tasting’ picnic – you could bring along a variety of cheeses and a few small bottles of different wines so that your picnic is bursting with flavour. This could also be a fun way of trying out new cheeses together.
  • Find out what your Valentine’s favourite cheeses are and include wines and snacks which will compliment them. Here at Godminster, we sell a variety of Valentine’s cheese products to choose from!
  • Set a ‘taste theme’ to your picnic – for example, if your Valentine likes a bit of spice, you could include chilli cheese in the picnic.

Romantic cheese board ideas

If you’re having a cosy night in this Valentine’s Day, you could put together a romantic cheese board. Here are some tips for making the perfect Valentine’s Day cheese board:

  • Include a range of your loved-one’s favourite cheeses (or try out some new ones to keep you on your toes!). You could include a mixture of aged, hard, soft and semi-soft cheeses so there will be something to suit both your tastes.
  • Keep to the theme of love! – For example, you could include heart-shaped items. Here at Godminster, we sell heart-shaped cheese which will really help to set a romantic tone.
  • Include complimentary snacks such as:
  • Both sweet and salty crackers
  • Chutneys
  • Fruits and nuts – for a Valentine’s Day cheese board, chocolate-coated strawberries are a great option!
  • Pour your loved-one a glass of wine – you’ll want to consider the best wine for the types of cheeses you’re serving, but port, red and bubbly wines (such as prosecco) tend to work well.

If you can’t find an answer to your Valentine’s cheese questions, or you’d like to ask about this heart-shaped cheese gift set product, please feel free to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help!