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Is Cheese a Superfood?

Not all foods are equal, and when it comes to nutrition there are some above all the rest – “superfoods.” A type of food which is considered rich in a wide range of nutrients, and highly beneficial to health and wellbeing, can be classed as a superfood. Kale, spinach, eggs and blueberries have been given the term superfood, and many health conscious people try to eat as much of them as possible.

Dairy hasn’t had much of a mention when it comes to naming superfoods, with the exception of eggs. High in protein and vitamins, eggs are a great choice poached, boiled or scrambled and should be a staple part of your diet. However, certain cheeses also have a huge range of health benefits which are often overlooked – and we think cheese can also be considered as a superfood!

Packed full of protein, calcium and acids which regulate the metabolism, cheese is a healthy addition to any diet when eaten in moderation. Here are some studies which prove that cheese is good for you.

Eating cheese makes you slimmer

We’ve been told in the past that cheese is full of saturated fats and can increase cholesterol – but a recent study suggests otherwise. Researchers at University College Dublin found that cheese eaters had smaller waists, lower blood pressure and lower BMIs, and there was no difference in cholesterol between high consumers of cheese and low consumers of cheese. So in fact what we have been led to believe could be wrong and cheese could have the opposite effect – it could make you slimmer.

Aged cheeses boost lifespan

Aged cheeses, including cheddar and brie, have been found to prolong life. The study from Texas A&M University found that these cheeses contain spermidine, which can prevent liver cancer and increase life expectancy by up to 25%. Our organic vintage cheddar also has the added benefit of being free from additives and preservatives.

Saturated fats aren’t all bad

There is also evidence to support that eating dairy foods such as butter, cheese and cream can actually prevent heart disease, rather than cause it. Eating naturally high-fat foods doesn’t necessarily lead to an increase in cholesterol in the blood, which is often the culprit of heart disease. 

So do you think we can get away with promoting cheese as a superfood? Any excuse to host a cheese and wine party!