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4 Vodka Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try For Spring

British springtime is the perfect time of year for an afternoon cocktail in the garden. This May we have even more to celebrate, with the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so there really is an excuse to pass the vodka! With lighter, longer evenings and warmer temperatures, it’s the ideal time to improve your mixology skills and start practicing your cocktails ahead of the summer season. 
Vodka is an extremely versatile spirit which can be used as an aperitif to prepare the palette for food, or it works equally as well as an after dinner beverage. The spirit can be infused with a myriad of flavours, which enhance the vodka and create new tasting experiences. Flavoured vodka spirits make an ideal base for cocktails and can sometimes reduce the amount of ingredients you need.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at 2018’s top vodka cocktail recipes.


1. A Bloody Good Mary

What’s the best thing about a bloody Mary cocktail? It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, breakfast ‘til dusk! Godminster’s ‘A Bloody Good Mary’ goes a step above the rest, using our artisan horseradish infused vodka with special spicy tomato juice. Serve with celery for the finishing touch and your guests will be delighted with your cocktail flair!


2. Elderbubble

All over the nation the echo of corks popping is becoming a familiar sound, as prosecco becomes the drink of choice for spring and summer. You can easily spruce up a glass of prosecco with a shot of elderflower vodka – the traditional British summertime taste. Garnish with a raspberry or strawberry.


3. Kir Royale

The French Kir Royale will probably be your drink of choice when toasting the royal couple on their wedding day! Traditionally, this drink contains crème de cassis or Chambord topped up with champagne, but why not try it with it vodka? Godminster’s blackcurrant vodka spirit, made with freshly picked blackcurrants on the farm, gives this cocktail an authentic British twist. 


4. Floral Elderflower Cocktail

If you want to how off your skills and use a cocktail shaker, this one’s for you. Pour a good measure of elderflower vodka, grapefruit juice and cold jasmine tea (or your floral tea of choice) into the cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Pour into a tall glass and top up with prosecco or champagne as desired. Give it an extra floral touch by adding edible flower petals and you have the perfect spring and summer cocktail.
What’s your favourite vodka based cocktail you’ve made using our artisan flavoured vodka spirits? We’d love to hear from you!