As you know by now, we’re a generous lot here at Godminster and like nothing more than giving away things we know you’ll love, and this week it’s the turn of the new Rare Brand Market cookbook, Food With Stories, which is full of gorgeous recipes that celebrate  independent shopkeepers, makers and suppliers of artisan food up and down the country.

It’s a great little cook book full of beautiful photography and all sorts of inspiring seasonal recipes, from beetroot, ginger and apple summer crumble to popcorn lollies (now, we’re liking the sound of that, especially in this heat). Even better, turn to page 52 and you’ll find us there under the Starters and Canapes section, with our scrummy recipe for Vintage Cheddar Souffles.  The recipe makes four and is really tasty and simple, and – here’s a tip - if you do find you’ve made too much you can always turn the soufflés out and save it for the following day to rebake. To be in within a chance of winning, click here. Fingers crossed, it’s a goodie!