Why Cheese Is An Essential Part Of Your Christmas Dinner

Cheese is an absolute must-have at your Christmas dinner table, whether it’s part of the starter, main course or dessert – or all three! It is delicious food, tastes great when it’s cold outside and also has a range of health benefits. Cheese is high in calcium and protein and goes perfectly with other traditional Christmas foods in a magical culinary combination.

Whether it’s a festive buffet for the annual Boxing Day bash or a traditional British Christmas dinner, cheese is the ultimate celebration food. It’s simply not a party without cheese!

There are so many different ways to enjoy organic cheese at Christmastime, from warm melt-in-the-mouth delicacies to conventional cold favourites. Here are some ways you can incorporate cheese into your Christmas cuisine.


Hot Dishes

One of our absolute favourites during winter is baked brie, which can be enjoyed as a starter or an evening snack next to the fire. Complement Godminster brie with a fruity chutney – we recommend our Beetroot & Apple option. Simply choose your perfect dipping food, such as focaccia bread or our Rosemary Water Biscuits.

An easy way to include cheese in your Christmas dinner is to skillfully combine it with the vegetables on your plate. Cheesy mash is always a winner, as is the family favourite dish of cauliflower cheese.


After Dinner

A delicious, rich Christmas pudding is a great tradition across tables up and down the land, but you could offer a lighter alternative with a festive cheesecake. There are plenty of cheesecake recipes to choose from, including seasonal flavours such as chocolate orange, cranberry and cinnamon. Not only is cheesecake a delicious sweet pudding, but it’s easy to make so you won’t have to worry too much about preparing it in the busy run-up to the big day.

And finally, of course, the cheeseboard! Pick out a selection of your favourite cheeses and serve with grapes, chutney and rosemary water biscuits or oat digestives. It’s the ideal way to finish off a big, hearty meal.

It’s just not Christmas without cheese! Let us know how you like to enjoy your favourite dairy treat over the holidays. Check out some of our other cheesy Christmas recipes here.


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