While The Sun Shines

We all know the famous old proverb 'make hay while the sun shines' - and it's famous because it's true!

When the summer sun shines down on Godminster Farm then it's a sign to get cracking - there's hay and silage to be made, both of which will keep our dairy herd happy and healthy during the less sunny winter months.

Another important job is picking all the plump, juicy blackcurrants that go in to our Blackcurrant Vodka Spirit. Over the years we've planted scores of blackcurrant bushes around Godminster farm not just for our delicious vodka infusions but also because the cows like munching on them too!

The blackcurrants picked this summer will mean that the Blackcurrant Vodka Spirits for the rest of the year will taste of lovely sun-warmed fruit, all year long. Hopefully the hot sun this July will shine through in this year's batch :)