What can you do with cheese wax?

So, you’ve just enjoyed some delicious cheese…but what do you do with the wax that’s left? 

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired…


Seal jars and bottles

Cheese wax can be used to keep other produce fresh. For example, if you have a bottle or a jar with a lid that you would like to reseal you can do this with cheese wax. Firstly, melt the cheese wax in a metal pan or canister. Once melted you can carefully dip the closed bottle or jar into the melted wax to re-seal the top. You then need to carefully remove the bottle from the wax (remember it’s hot) and hey presto, your food and drink is sealed to last longer! 


Use it as a firestarter 

The oil found inside the wax is great for sustaining flames, making it the perfect substitute for dry kindling (should you run out) or for camping trips. Simply melt the wax down and roll it into several small balls to help start fires in wood burners.  




Make wax seals

Why not embrace your medieval fantasies and create wax seals? Melt the cheese wax down and you can use it to add your very own wax seal on the back of an envelope. Simply use a spoon to gently pour a small amount of the melted wax onto the envelope’s flap and leave it to dry. Alternatively, if you created your own stamp you could press this onto the cheese wax whilst wet…and just like that you’ll be posting the most distinctive letters in town!


Reuse the wax to coat your own cheese

If you or someone you know is making their own hard cheese, why not melt the wax down and use it to coat your own cheesy creations. Once you’ve melted the cheese wax down, strain it through a cheesecloth to remove any remaining bits of cheese to ensure it’s clean. 


Get crafty

After melting it down, you could treat the wax as if it were playdough, molding your cheese wax into various shapes…this could just be for a spot of fun or perhaps you have space on your mantelpiece for a masterpiece. 


Make a candle

Another interesting thing you can do with cheese wax if you’re feeling crafty is to create your own candles. Please note that this may not work as well for cheese wax which has been heavily dyed and you should make sure you remove any remaining cheese to avoid creating cheese-smelling candles…unless you like that aroma!

If you’re melting your cheese wax, please remember to use caution to avoid burns or injuries. 


Candle 2


What is cheese wax made from?

Typically cheese wax contains paraffin (a petroleum-based solid), microcrystalline waxes, and colouring.


Is cheese wax compostable?

Unfortunately, as most cheese wax contains paraffin, it is not compostable and you should avoid putting it into your food waste bin. On the other hand, natural wax items can be recycled


Why is there wax on cheese?

The wax on cheese is designed to provide a safe coating. It helps to prevent the growth of any unwanted mold whilst retaining the cheese’s moisture and preventing it from going dry. When it comes to enjoying your cheese, you can simply cut into the wax as if it were a cake. For a waxed truckle, it’s best to cut directly into the center of the cheese and cut it into wedges so that you can taste the entire flavour profile of the cheese. 


Can you eat the wax on cheese?

Whilst many cheese rinds are edible, you should avoid eating the wax on cheese as this is designed to safely encase the cheese, not for consumption.


Fancy some delicious organic cheese?

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