Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Yes, that’s right – just like the rest of the South West it’s been raining, cats, dogs and any other domestic pet you care to mention for weeks now, with the fields around the farm totally saturated. While we haven’t actually flooded and the excess water hasn’t caused too much trouble (unlike some poor souls you read about in the papers), there is concern that the surplus water has mixed in with the slurry and diluted our “fertilizer” (that’s cow muck to you and I), and has potentially caused crop damage out in the fields, which will mean that we might lose some yield.  Our farm manager Pete has never seen it this wet in all the years he’s been working at Godminster, and Pete’s been with us since March 1998. Total rainfall this winter is off the scale – and we’re only halfway through.

Not that our dairy cows are worried by all the rain – they’ve been tucked up warm and dry inside their cow sheds since the end of October, and won’t be outside again till March/April. They don’t much care for all this cold and rain – and they’re not the only ones!