Top tips for serving Christmas cheese

When it comes to seasonal festivities and serving Christmas dinner to your family, not everyone is a big dessert person. The trick to pleasing everyone is to have multiple food options after dinner to keep people happy. A popular (and delicious!) choice is a Christmas cheeseboard. Cheeseboards definitely

have the wow factor, and if you serve it up correctly (with a little bit of help from us) it will be the highlight of Christmas Day.

Tip 1: Choose a variety of cheeses

Even if you love mature cheese, not everyone around the table will appreciate a strong-smelling Stilton. Make sure you cater to every guest by having a variety of choices on the table. This includes a good Cheddar (obviously!), a soft cheese (brie, perhaps?) a blue cheese (Stilton is a popular choice), and usually ‘something else,’ like a goat’s cheese, or another distinctive flavour different from your others. If various tastes are catered for, you will all enjoy the cheese board together.

Tip 2: Don’t just opt for crackers

We know it’s easy to choose crackers as an accompaniment to your cheese, but there are so many other delicious things you can serve as well. How about crusty warm bread, or sweet pickles? You could even opt for rye bread, or sourdough if you wanted to get a little more creative. The choice is yours, but the key is making sure you have lots of variety.

Tip 3: Buy some chutney

No one can deny how delicious chutney is with cheese; it’s a classic combination that has been around for centuries. If you’re wondering what to serve with cheese and crackers – chutney is the answer! Adding some delicious homemade chutney to your cheese board at Christmas gives it an extra level of deliciousness your guests won’t be expecting. If you’ve never made chutney before, don’t worry! No one will mind if you buy some instead and our Godminster Cheese & Chutney set combines our award-winning cheddar with our delicious Beetroot & Apple Chutney.   

Tip 4: Branch out!

If you’re feeling a bit inventive and want to give people something to talk about, it’s also worth trying caramelised onions, or chilli jam too. These make really delicious dips and go wonderfully with lots of cheeses.

Tip 5: Buy a nice cheese knife set

Half the fun of a Christmas cheese board is serving it up and helping yourself. The best way is with a dedicated cheese knife set, which are widely available. We have some on sale ourselves in the Godminster Shop in Bruton!  It’s that extra level of detail that your guests will remember.

Tip 6: If in doubt, go melted!

If you’re not sure about a cheese board, but you still want to serve up Christmas cheese, then you can’t go wrong with a fondue. Fondue is the ultimate sharing cheese and is always a hit. Everyone loves melted cheese, and it’s great for sharing.


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