Top, harvest and roll ….

It seems like everyone’s been waiting for sunshine all summer, but for us farmers the arrival of dry weather has really been a relief. As I’ve mentioned before it‘s impossible for our vehicles to get out onto the fields in really wet weather without ruining the land. So as the country gets into the party spirit in time for the Olympics, here in Somerset it’s not shake, rattle and roll into the small hours more top, harvest and roll as we look to get everything completed.

Farmers all over the country are working into the early hours to get everything done so if you live near any farms please bear with us as we need to get the job finished before it starts to rain again!

Away from the farm and into the delis, our new organic brie has been really popular, so much so that we now have 1 kilo versions for ‘come and cut’ counters – so if you’re a deli owner you can offer our delicious new brie by the slice – for more details please call 01749 813 733.