Top Cheeses to Enjoy in Summer

For cheese lovers, summer means one thing: light, fresh dairy goodness! This warm weather makes us crave picnics, BBQs and al fresco dining on salads and pasta. The good news is that cheese fits perfectly into all of these summer meals. Whether you’re looking for a tasty topping for your pasta salad or a cheesy accompaniment at your garden party, we’ve listed some of the best cheeses to enjoy in the sun this summer.

Cheeses for Summer – Top 5

5. Burrata

Fresh cheese is very trendy at the moment, and top of our list is the beautiful Italian burrata. Creamy and delicate, burrata has an oozing, soft middle which makes it perfect for eating in warm weather. Spread it onto freshly cut bread, serve with cold meats, use it as a lavish pizza topping or mix it into a pasta salad.

4. Brie

Brie can be enjoyed all year round, but during the summer you can get really creative with this soft cheese. Grilled or baked brie is the perfect appetiser for summer parties, simply serve with pitta bread or other savoury nibbles and fruit. For an extra flavour extravaganza, try our Organic Brie with Garlic and Chive.

3. Feta

Mediterranean dishes are perfect in warm weather, and a staple ingredient in many of them is feta cheese. The salty flavour and crumbly texture of feta is the reason why it complements so many dishes, including the classic Greek salad. Add it to a range of meals including pasta, salads, pizzas and couscous or pack feta bites for a picnic.

2. Gorgonzola

As a blue-veined cheese, this Italian speciality offers a zingy bite which is a match made in heaven for summer dishes. It has a similar texture to feta so can be crumbled over salads and pasta, or cooked into risotto. Gorgonzola works well with crunchy apple slices for a fruity salad.

1. Halloumi

Undoubtedly one of the most popular cheeses of the moment, halloumi goes with almost anything. It’s topped our summer list because you simply can’t have a BBQ without grilled halloumi! Make halloumi skewers, add it to burgers or simply munch it straight off the barbecue.

When the British weather is fine, take advantage by inviting friends and family over for a BBQ or garden party, using these recommended cheeses for summertime.

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