Toasting the best of Somerset

Toasting the best of Somerset

It was a delight to recently go along to The Taste of Somerset Awards recently to celebrate Somerset’s food and drink heroes.  From farm shops and delis with incredible atmosphere and unique sourcing policies, to producers of artisan food that could rival anywhere in the world – it’s a chance to champion people in the County that are doing something different. Somerset produces some of the Country’s finest food and drink, our cheese and cider is world famous of course – but it doesn’t stop there. 

The Awards 

The awards showed us what real passion there is for great food in the County.  Godminster was nominated for Best Organic Business but unfortunately, we lost out to Charles Dowding, who amongst many other things (visit his website here to see everything he does) produces year-round beautiful organic salad bags for local restaurants and shops, as well as writing some fantastic books on organic gardening.  Charles is a neighbour of ours on the farm and he is a brilliant character – we are so happy that it went to someone so deserving.

Richard was unable to attend so I presented the award that Godminster sponsored and judged, which was for ‘Best Local Pub’.  We awarded it to a great ‘local’, The Griffin in Frome. A young couple who really strive to create something different run the pub.  They brew all their own beers, there’s no lager on tap, and there are some really quirky attributes that make it ‘one of a kind’ – read more about it here. The final award that I would like to mention is Best Meat Producer which went to Kimber’s Farm Shop, run by my parents!  They produce the best pork, beef, welfare-friendly rosé veal and lamb in the County and they simply can’t keep up with the demand for their home-made chorizo and sausages – and it’s not just me being biased as this award proves.

Preparing for the weekend

We do hope everyone is all prepared for any celebrations tomorrow, and if this long weekend is anything like the last we should all enjoy a great few days off.  If you would like to stock up on some Godminster Cheese for any picnicking or barbecues pop along to Exeter Food Festival (29th April -1st May) and see our good friend Vic from Random Cottage.  Alternatively, if you’re visiting the Stamford Feast this weekend you can find our cheese on the Stamford Cheese Cellar’s stand so please take a minute to stop by. Have a great weekend. Jess.

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