The wow factor


I’d just like to say thanks to everyone that came to meet us at our various tastings up and down the country last weekend. We had a fantastic time and the reaction to our cheese was amazing. I just love seeing people tasting Godminster for the very first time – one word sums it up on most occasions … wow!

This week on the farm it’s been a busy time as we’ve been trimming the hedges before any of the native birds return to nest.  We try not to trim the hedges too often as they create incredible wildlife corridors with cover for small animals and birds. They support a huge range of flora and fauna and as our aim has always been to create a self-sustaining environment where nature can regenerate and flourish, looking after our hedges is a really important part of that.

We’ve also been muck-spreading over the fields – which is like a big feast for the soil. Instead of using artificial fertilisers, the muck provides fantastic nutrients for the soil which in turn helps us grow more on the land – we like to take the best possible care of the farm – which I think is what helps us create food that makes people say wow!



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