The World’s Most Unusual Cheese Pairings

When it comes to cheese, everybody knows that the traditional cheeseboard is the height of sophistication. A variety of cheeses can be paired with crackers, grapes and chutneys and of course a fine glass of wine. But is this all that cheese should be paired with? People eat lots of different cheeses all over the world – and have a different idea about what to accompany it with.

We’ve put together some of the strangest cheese couplings we can find. From long held traditions to recommendations from cheese experts, they have to be seen to be believed. Would you dare to try any of these combinations?


Cheese and Ice Cream

So we’ve heard of cheese as a dessert, and ice cream as a pudding, but why on earth would you put them together? According to some cheese connoisseurs they’re the perfect match. Grating a salty hard cheese such as Pecorino Romano over creamy vanilla or caramel ice cream makes for a delectable dessert. It tastes just like salted caramel!


Christmas Cake and Cheese

In another sweet pairing in Yorkshire they like to eat cheese with fruit cake or traditional Christmas cake. The best cheese to pair it with is definitely Cheddar in our humble opinion, which is why our Cheese & Cake Combo Gift Sets go down so well. As they say in Yorkshire (and in the Godminster office) – ‘a cake without a cheese is like a hug without a squeeze’!


Cheese and Chocolate

This might seem like another unlikely combination, but apparently the flavours in chocolate and cheese are a match made in heaven. Dark chocolate is the best to pair up with your choice of cheese, as it brings out the fruity notes in the dairy delight. Cheese and chocolate pairing is now a thing, so look out for events which explain the tastiest combinations! Some of the UK’s fanciest restaurants are now serving chocolate and blue cheese martinis…(yes, a cheese pairing in a drink!)


Blue Cheese and Pear

You’d probably never think of putting these two ingredients together, but science tells us it works perfectly. The acidity of the pear and the fat and salt contained in the blue cheese combine to create a perfect flavour. Try savoury snacks such as salads or sandwiches, or mix blue cheese and pear into a tart for a dessert.


Maple and Cheese

Over in the States, artisan cheese lovers are pairing their cheese with maple products. This gives it a sweet and irresistible flavour. From maple syrups to apple drizzle and balsamic reduction, there’s a world of taste combinations to discover – and that’s without mentioning the many different cheeses you can try with it.

What’s the strangest cheese pairing you’ve ever tasted?


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