The Indian summer


As I look out on a sun bathed Godminster Farm, it’s incredible to think just how much this beautiful land produces – only this month we have collected all the apples for our chutney, the quince for our vodka is about two weeks away from being ready to pick and our cows are milking very well on the lush clover leys they are enjoying.

Of course to produce all of this takes a lot of hard work and dedication to the land. At the moment we are storing grain for the winter months, drilling and rolling grass seed, and completing lots of work to help get the farm ready for another five years of the organic entry level scheme.

This week, for the first time ever we have used the milk from our Holstein herd to produce our soft cheese in our new production area here at Godminster.  It’s been a very exciting journey to get to this point, and to finally taste cheese that we have produced right here is very satisfying.  We even managed to produce it during British Cheese Week – which was good timing! The first batch of our new cheese will be available from next week we’d love to hear what you think – tell us here on facebook.


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