The Godminster Family: Mattimia

In the first of our series on the ‘Godminster family’ – an insight into our food producer friends – we’re chatting to the husband and wife baking duo behind Godminster’s award-winning crackers and fruit cake…

What’s the perfect Vintage Organic Cheddar without the perfect cracker to go with it? Declan and Ulrika from down the road at Mattimia in Wincanton know all there is to know about what goes in to making the best vehicle for your favourite cheese – they’re the talented bakers who lovingly hand bake every one of Godminster’s extra special Oat Digestives and Rosemary Water Biscuits as well as our juicy and plump Fruit Cake. We chatted to Declan on one brisk January afternoon to find out more…


What is it that makes the biscuits so special?

“For us, it’s all about the authenticity of ingredients. Take our Oat Digestives for example – we only use real sugar and butter. We carefully select everything that goes into it for its great quality – like our flour for example, which is stoneground at Cann Mill in Shaftesbury (about 20 minutes away).”


Where did the idea for the Rosemary Water Biscuits come from?

“The Rosemary Water Biscuit evolved from the original crackers that Godminster used to have years ago. When Godminster decided it was time for something a little different they asked me for my input. The flavour was inspired by the sight and smell of rich rosemary that I found outgrows in abundance all over Godminster Farm. We’ve been working on getting the crispness of the crackers absolutely perfect – it’s all about the lamination (the process of folding the dough back over on itself repeatedly) which gives it that perfect flakey crunch.”


We know that fruit cake and cheddar cheese is a great Northern tradition. What can you tell us about the process of baking the perfect Godminster Fruit Cake?

“I have to say, the fruit cake and cheese combination isn’t my bag at all! If I’m not eating biscuits with my cheese then I will have a nice crusty loaf of bread. But, I know from the number of cakes my customers ask me to make it must be pretty popular! I do love the fruit cake simply on its own, just for the pure enjoyment of it.

“The most important part of baking the Godminster Fruit Cake is taking your time. We bake them really slowly in a very low- temperature oven for hours and hours. The temperature is so low that we actually insulate the oven with sheets of cardboard! All the time and effort we take in making sure the Fruit Cake is cooked ‘low and slow’ is exactly what makes it so juicy. You just can’t rush a good Fruit Cake!”

Want to try for yourself? You can find Declan and Ulrika’s handmade Godminster Oat Digestives and Rosemary Water Crackers in our Party Packs or try the award-winning Godminster Fruit Cake in our Cheese & Cake Combo Gift Sets


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