Taking the biscuit and making it locally


As well as our range of chesses, vodkas, chutneys and gift sets we now have some beautiful savoury biscuits to add to our range. The biscuits are hand-made by a local baker about four miles from us, using flour from Stoates of Shaftesbury and rosemary grown on Godminster Farm.  Both the oaty digestive biscuits and rosemary water biscuits are available as part of our party packs.

As well as tasting fantastic, by using our local artisan producers we’re helping to ensure that small businesses around us continue to remain vibrant – which is very important to us.

The launch of our new biscuits has kept us all busy and the spell of warm weather has really brought the farm back to life. The cows are out in the fields which is earlier than normal, but always lovely to see. Also we’ve seen the hedgerows bursting back to life in all shades of green. It’s like the buds have just been waiting for that little bit of sunshine before bursting into leaves all at once.



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