Straight, shaken or stirred……


Now that summer is officially here (well it’s started to rain a little now so that usually signifies British summer!), we thought it would be a good time to talk about our flavoured vodka spirits as they are perfect for making simple summer cocktails.

We use English vodka from a distillery in London which we infuse with elderflower, rhubarb and cucumber, to name but a few – Richard is always dreaming up new infusions!

Unlike many other flavoured vodkas, ours are infused over time with real roots and fruits from our organic farm which gives them a real depth of flavour and an intense aroma, making them perfect for very simple, clean cocktails.

Here are a few of our favourites – but we would love to hear any of your suggestions here on our facebook page….

Babington House Perfect Summer Pimms:

25ml Cucumber Vodka

25ml Tonic water

25ml Ginger Ale

Ice /fruit – strawberries/cucumber/orange/mint

Place the fruit and ice in a jug, add the cucumber vodka, tonic water and ginger ale - swish swirl, infuse, pour and enjoy… lovely!


Elderflower Zing:

25ml Elderflower Vodka

50ml Ginger Ale

Ice and mint

Add loads of ice and mint to the glass – slosh in the vodka and pour over the Ginger Ale.  Sit back and sip.


Godminster Kir Imperiale:

25ml of Godminster Blackcurrant Vodka


Pour the vodka into a champagne coupe, top up the glass with very cold champagne and enjoy.

Godminster vodka spirits are available in Rhubarb, Sloe, Blackcurrant, Elderflower, Quince, Cucumber and Horseradish.