Spreading the Godminster word


Spreading the word about our organic cheese lies at the heart of everything we do at Godminster (well, what’s the point in having delicious cheese if no one knows about it?), but recently we’ve decided to go one step further and recruit a band of Godminster ‘Ambassadors’ to promote the brand and sell our cheese.

The idea is that each self-employed Ambassador will organise sales within their own region for a minimum of four events a month, and will be given an information pack and full training, as well as fully branded kit and support to set up. We’ll provide the stock at wholesale prices, so that our loyal team of brand Ambassadors can then go off and sell Godminster at markets, retail shows, school fairs and charity events.  Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? A lovely product and the potential to make money – what’s not to like?

If it’s something you or someone you know might like to be involved in, email your CV to bethan@godminster.com. You never know, you could be the next Godminster Ambassador on the (cheese) block!