Somerset apples

A lot of people from Somerset would have you believe that there is only one thing to do with Somerset apples, but at Godminster we don’t use ours to produce cider - well not yet anyway! Nicole, our gardener, is busily collecting apples from the orchard ready to make our beautiful beetroot and apple chutney, so it will be ready in time to add some pep to all those Christmas cheese boards.

The hedgerows are absolutely bursting with fruit and we’ve been out picking, sloes, bullace and blackberries. Of course we use a lot of that fruit to infuse our organic vodka, but Richard has also been spending time in his development kitchen, experimenting with lots of other recipes – so watch this space for his latest creation!

Last weekend we were at two cheese shows in two separate counties – and both were fantastic. At Frome Cheese Show we had a record-breaking year, with lots of people trying our cheese for the first time and loving it, and some who already know Godminster very well.

This weekend we’ll be at the Feast of Dorset in Wimborne – as well as lots and lots of lovely local produce on show there will be cookery demonstrations, falconry, archery and talks on growing organic vegetables, beekeeping and foraging – make sure to say hello if you come along.