Softly, smoothly

Softly, smoothly

We’re all really excited about the progress we are making on our soft cheese production area here in Bruton. After the initial set back (the contractor hit the water mains on the first day!) everything seems to be going smoothly.

We rescued the soft cheese business from a local cheese producer just over a year ago (it was too good a cheese to let it disappear – and one of Chris Evan’s favourites!) and now we have adapted the recipes to give them a Godminster twist, it’s all coming together.

We realised that in order to develop this range of delicious cheeses we needed to relocate the production, and reducing food miles was in the forefront of our planning. By producing the cheese right here alongside the distribution point, we significantly reduce the miles the cheese travels – which of course is much better for the environment.

The transition from organic milk, to delivering soft cheese being to delis, all happens right here in Bruton. The organic milk from our herd of cows will be delivered from our farm, which is a stone’s throw away. We will then use it to produce the cheese a few feet from where I’m sitting now. After that we will pack it all up, in a room just behind me, before we load it into our vans outside to be deliver to delis and farm shops.  A very neat little process and one which we are very excited to see in action in 2012.


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