Last month we took our new 1kg oak-smoked cheddar to London to a show that attracts food and drink buyers from around the world. The response was really positive and as with anything in life, it’s always nice to know when you’re doing something right!

Anyway, it seems it’s a case of once tasted, never forgotten and we’ve had lots of delis and farm shops ringing us to get the new cheese for their counters. We use the same cheddar for our new oak-smoked cheddar as our ruby waxed truckles. But to give it its intense flavour and aroma, we cold-smoke over oak chippings from sustainable woodlands for eight long hours at the Wiltshire Smokehouse in Warminster. We think it tastes delicious with our digestive biscuits but you could also try using it in a smoked cheese risotto or a leek and smoked cheese tart. Either way, you’ve got a treat in store!


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