Singing in the rain


I know it may not be what everyone wants to see. However, for us farmers the recent downpours have been a huge relief.  After the weeks and weeks of dry weather, we’ve enjoyed two inches of rain over the last fortnight. This has genuinely saved our spring crops. The rain isn’t the only welcome visitor. Our natural pesticides are here and they’re hard at work taking out the aphids!

The Farm is really coming to life now with baby rabbits everywhere. Did you know they are called Kits? The swallows have another brood. Plus the skylarks continue to noisily defend their territory, there is never a dull moment!

Some of the crops, like our peas and beans, are now looking amazing, for all the crop pictures and new shots of the conservation headland which has come into flower, visit our facebook page here.

Away from the Farm, we’re getting very close to the perfect design for our new website. A couple more tweaks and we should be there! That’s not the only ‘site’ being developed either  – we’ve started to clear space to move production of our soft cheese on-site to bring everything under one roof.  We’re also taste testing all our new experimental soft cheese flavours – whittling them down to the ones to put into production will be very difficult – they all taste so good……now back to tasting!



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