Share The Love This Valentine’s Day

In Britain today, it seems that no sooner has the Christmas wrapping paper been removed from display, then the Valentine’s Day cards are in its place, and stores’ shelves are full to bursting with roses and teddies. It’s true to say we Brits love a bit of romance!

Our heart-shaped Vintage Organic Cheddar is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to be more unusual with their gift, yet still show they care.  Chatting in the office, it’s clear that we English ladies are looking forward to chocolates and flowers, expecting cheese and hoping for jewellery! That got us wondering how other people will celebrate St Valentine’s Day on 14th February.



There is a variation even in the different countries of the United Kingdom.  For many Welsh people, Saint Dwynwen is much bigger news than St Valentine, and the celebration takes place on 25th January.  St Dwynwen is the patron saint of lovers, and the traditional romantic gift in Wales is a hand-crafted Love Spoon.  They have been given as tokens of love since the 1800s. They’re still used as gifts for St Dwynwen’s Day, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.



A relative newcomer to Valentine’s Day celebrations, it’s becoming big business today with a Danish twist; for Danes, it’s not about roses but snowdrops, pressed inside cards.  Or, you might receive a gaekkebrev. Essentially, it’s a joking letter, with a funny poem.  It should remain anonymous. However, if the lucky lady can guess who sent the letter, she earns an Easter egg in a few weeks! Now that’s the sort of tradition we can get behind!



One of the most romantic countries in the world, it’s no surprise that sending Valentine’s cards is big business in France. In fact, the Duke of Orleans is said to have sent the original Valentine’s Day card when he wrote to his wife whilst being held prisoner in the Tower of London in 1415.

Our International Sales Manager, Jess, is in Paris this week. Joining her were lots of delicious Vintage Organic Cheddar hearts as we look to “share the love” of our cheese further into Europe.  We have stockists in various countries already so if you can’t get Godminster near you already, keep watching as there might be news soon.

So how about you? Is Valentine’s Day a big deal in your calendar, or just another day? We’d love to know how you’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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