Richard from Godminster Organic Cheese Visits Copenhagen

View of Copenhagen - Richard from Godminster Organic Cheese
View of Copenhagen


Thursday 31st – Richard from Godminster Organic Cheese go to Copenhagen

Arrived at Heathrow at 12.30pm. At check-in I’m told my bag of Godminster Organic Cheese goodies is 2kgs overweight and so remove 2x 1kg from my suitcase, putting it in my hand baggage – A British Airways  employee immediately goes “Wow, Godminster Vintage, the Best…I used to work on the deli counter at Waitrose in a North London store and it was one of our best sellers. My favourite too!”

We arrive in Copenhagen at 5.30pm local time, and are met by Niels from BPI going straight into central Copenhagen for a small drive around. We then stop at Tuborg for beer and funky pizzas (mine had shredded beef and green pepper). Copenhagen reminds me of a bigger Amsterdam (where we found our Godminster Organic Cheese at the Saturday Nordmarket).

On to BPI headquarters (Holmgarden) where I was offered the CEO’s flat for the duration of my stay.

Friday 1st February – Sampling Godminster Organic Cheese

8.30am rendez vous in the Company Meeting room at Holmgarden and was introduced to Henricht

Over coffee and ……cheese (Danish national cheese), they talked me through the meteoric rise of BPI since 2003, then I’m introduced to the various teams in their departments.

10am. Leave with Niels for Coop headquarters.

Arrive 10.30am, set up and start sampling to Head Office employees with very good feedback. Helena, their chief cheese buyer returns 5 times to check it tastes OK! CEO sneaks a peek too!

1.30pm, pack up, say our goodbyes and head into town, for tasting at Irma store.

Tasting went particularly well with Niels and I selling 90 truckles on behalf of the store in 3 hours.

Out for a delicious fish bouillabaisse followed by an early one, although managed to watch the Welsh beat Les Bleus at rugby in the Stade de France.

Saturday 2nd – Fond Farewells to Copenhagen

8.45am coffee followed by another small sight-seeing trip up around Copenhagen, including the Royal Palace.

10.30am. Set up at Magasin du Nord (a shop bit like Selfridges) and sell on the store’s behalf. Again, remarkable success with very similar results to the day before.

1.30pm. Meet Ole Handsen (CEO od BPI) who takes me to a very Danish restaurant for lunch. Mine is a chicken and leek dish (probably BPI chicken!) and Ole has a sort of fried steak tartare which looked incredible, accompanied by various aqua vite toasts!

4pm – return to the airport a little worse for wear!

If you see Godminster on your global travels, we would love to see a picture please email them to 


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