Richard’s Round Up of 2020

Richard’s Round Up of 2020

As I sit here with just two days until “Christmas” I am led to think… “SOD COVID, ‘C’ is actually for:”



First and foremost, I would like to thank the entire Godminster team for their supreme efforts and dedication throughout the year.

I am proud of the service we have been able to provide given the challenges the world is throwing at us just now.

And, just to illustrate, some of the team have worked all of the last four weekends in order to fulfil those lovely orders you have sent in.

I am truly grateful.



Bruton and the surrounding area has exhibited its true character this year with the appearance of community deliveries, farm shop deliveries, take away deliveries of all descriptions and even extra beds set up in St. Mary’s church in case events ran out of control. Thankfully they did not.

And I challenged the team to walk out for charity. Between us we could have walked over 2,512 miles (the equivalent distance from Bruton to our customers in Sweden!) in four weeks!

Godminster steps map



Who hasn’t had a crack at cooking this year?! We’ve developed all kinds of recipes for Godminster fans to try at home on our recipe page.

Personally, I baked my first cake. Lemon drizzle. ‘Not too bad at this,’ I thought.

Then the next time got my flours mixed up leading to a rather deflating result… must try harder…



And we’ve certainly had a few of those!

But let’s focus on the fun ones.

First, we remodelled our lovely shop in Bruton and I have to admit the best bit was buying the toy farmyard for our younger and more discerning customers…!

We have also had the time to practice some magic on our cheddars in the shop and this is what we came up with…



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For those who like a change we have added two more concessions at the Godminster shop – fish and (lots of!) chips on a Thursday afternoon and piping hot pizzas on Saturdays. Mine’s the Godminster Special…

Lastly, with the increasing popularity of online shopping throughout the year we decided to remodel our second warehouse so it could be dedicated to mail order and thank the Lord we did, otherwise we would have literally been swamped!

Let’s just hope that you all continue to send cheddar to loved ones as we go into 2021…

heart to heart 1



Communication has changed too – I mean, who had heard of Zoom before March and where did Mr. Skype go?

On this I must thank our IT department who were tasked with setting up everyone at home within minutes of Lockdown 1 being announced – and they did!

And I gather that Cheese and Wine Zoom parties are increasingly popular, so I must try one!



The cattle haven’t noticed much change during the year except for an upgrade to their holiday quarters (dry cow shed) allowing cleaner and more deeply bedded down-time before they calve. We think they are happier for it.

And they certainly enjoyed that beautifully sunny weather of April and May – remember how fabulous it was?



Very proud to announce that we have not used the plough at all this year – it is all about ‘MinTill’ these days. The science? Disturb the soil less and a lower level of atmospheric carbon is released. There’s more to do on this one, especially as we enter a period of monumental change in farming now that we can create our own agricultural policy. Watch this space….



We eagerly await the new agricultural rules which will aim to encourage the way farms are run and not what is grown on them. It will be a revolution.



Hot off the press – Christmas is apparently postponed until July next year, when hopefully we will all  be able to celebrate it properly.



It just leaves me to express my appreciation to all of you who have supported us and kept us busy throughout 2020. I hope to think that we can continue to tempt you to enjoy all we have to offer and we might just have a couple of surprises yet….here’s to 2021…



Thank you cheddar.

You have been dependable, divine and you delight.

Carry on.


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