Red Hot Chilli Peppers

 In between hot-footing it up to the Irnham Bazaar at Irnham Hall in Grantham, and making his way to York Racecourse next week, Richard has had a chance to spend some time in the place he loves best – the farm. All field work is now finished so Rob our tractor driver has taken a well-earned holiday.  While the tractors pacing is now absent from the landscape the wildlife on Godminster Farm is even more apparent. Richard has seen pheasants, pigeons and magpies all enjoying the beech masts – the unsung treasure of our beech trees, beech nuts, or  ‘masts’ have never really made it as a popular nut for foragers. People are put off by the fiddly smallness of the nuts and the chore of peeling them – but for our native birds it’s relatively easy. The ponds are now full up after the downpours over the past few weeks and now that the water’s surface has returned to a relative calm, the ducks are out exploring again. In the gardens where Nicole, our gardener, experiments with new crops (some of which make their way into new Godminster recipes) our chilli peppers have thrived in the poly tunnels and have now been hung out to dry! So watch this space for some spicy recipes from Godminster. Jess.