A new purpose built development kitchen at Godminster has been a dream for some time now and it is all coming together very nicely now.  All the equipment has arrived and it is sitting in its plastic wrapping just waiting to be put together – it’s like Christmas day and I have just received a new set of Meccano to assemble! I cannot wait to see what new recipes I can create this year with our organic produce – I will keep everyone updated on how I get on.

Staying on the theme of boys and their toys! I am now the proud owner of a fantastic new composting machine which will help us to re-use our waste in the most effective way. We will use it to compost all the cuttings from the plants in our walled garden.  The waste we compost can contain weeds so the new composter uses heat to eliminate any weed seeds – this ensures that only good, healthy, compost, goes back onto the farm and that we are not spreading the weeds!

We’ve also been engaging in some straight forward recycling on the farm. We have mowed the orchard for the first time this year and all of the grass was fed to our cows – very simple indeed! Wild garlic has started to shoot up all over the place and the smell is just beautiful, along with the spring bulbs we are now seeing and of course the first glimpses of real sunshine – it seems that spring may have finally arrived.