Rain, rain, go away…

Rain, rain, go away…


Although the British are renowned for remarking about the weather, at the moment it seems justified. On the farm the rain is causing us a real headache. We can’t send the machines out onto the fields to ‘top’ all the weeds. We do this so that they don’t seed and grow even more. Also to top the grass, so it stays lush and thick for the cows to enjoy. So we really need a dry spell soon!

The rain is welcome by the blackcurrants, however. Thanks to the downpours they are puffing up nicely, we just need a little bit of sun now to make sure they are good and sweet, before we pick them and use them to infuse the vodka for next season.

Far away from the farm, we’ve been receiving all sorts of requests for Godminster from fans of our cheese in far flung places such as Canada and Australia. We currently have fantastic distribution in Switzerland (even thought we have no holes in our cheese!), but we would love to get our products out to all the countries that would love a taste of Godminster – so if you know any wholesalers, that would like to work with us, anywhere from Canada and Australia to America and Kenya – then please get in touch!



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