Preparing for winter…. | Godminster

Preparing for winter….

It’s an exciting time at Godminster farm all round, we have our cheese production area nearing completion, our new website will be launching in a matter of weeks, and Richard has just given me a quick rundown of all the comings and goings on the land.... They’ve made third cut silage and whole crop silage, and as you can see from the image above, the clamps are nice and full ready for winter.  The silage, which is made up predominately of cut grass, is kept nice and dry under the sheets, allowing the grass to ferment and mature – just like a good cheese, it provides lots of feed for the winter and the cows love it! They have ‘combined’ all the winter oats which you can see in the picture above , some of these oats will be used in our new digestive biscuits that I have mentioned on the blog. They have been ploughing, cultivating and drilling the fertility leys, with the big plough you can see below. For organic farmers like Godminster, this is an essential part of the farming process as it suppresses the growth of weeds and feeds the land. The final turning of the winter compost has been done, so it will be ready for spreading soon – which is great news, as it’s like an injection of vitamins for the soil. Whilst all this has been going on out on the farm, we’ve been back here in the office, getting everything ready for Speciality & Fine Food Fair next weekend – very busy times indeed! Jess.