Planting the seeds

This week has been very exciting for me as my first ever asparagus is starting to show, it may not seem like a big occasion, but we have been waiting three years for this to happen!  When you first plant asparagus from seeds you need to allow three years of growth before harvesting, or you run the risk of drastically reducing the future yield and quality – so patience really is a virtue!

As the asparagus starts to show we’ve also been busy planting.  From potatoes, broad beans and carrots to onions and beetroot it’s a great time to be on the farm as everything will soon begin bursting back to life after winter.

As well as planting there has also been a bit of moving – our sweet peas have been transferred to the greenhouse to ensure they get all the warmth and sunshine they need and we have moved our blueberry bush into a pot by the backdoor so that children can enjoy the berries when they’re passing by.

And last but by no means least we have been tying up all our summer fairs – a few to look out for next month include… Mells Daffodil Show near Frome on 9th April and the Virgin Wine tasting event on College Green in Bristol on 19th April – we hope to see you there.