Planning For Christmas

For us, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. After all, Christmas isn’t Christmas without Godminster. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy being busy in the run up, but strangely that’s part of the fun; we know that all the hard work means that people up and down the country will be tucking in to our delicious Vintage Organic Cheddar over the festive period. Planning for Christmas and getting organised can make a big difference to how you feel when you finally put up your feet on Christmas Eve and taking our simple steps can make sure you feel festive, and not frazzled, from the outset. Thinking ahead and planning your Christmas will make everything run more smoothly.


Christmas Cards

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly, and there are few jobs that fall more firmly into that category than Christmas cards. If you are the sort to write cards, start early. Make your list, note the last posting dates, and write little and often. If you’re feeling super organised, create a Christmas card list on a spreadsheet and then you can tweak it every year rather than starting from scratch.

Write a couple on the train, while you’re watching your guilty pleasure TV show, or first thing in the morning before everyone else gets up. Allowing yourself the time to write them means you can send a personalised message to everyone special. You might also consider writing an annual round up and sending all your family’s news at once.

Buy more cards than you think you’ll need because inevitably there will be people you haven’t thought of! Just remember to add them to your master list. You can adapt your list to help organise your gift buying too.


It’s a Wrap

Wrap your presents as you buy them. That way, you’re not faced with a huge task on a single date, and let’s be honest, it always takes longer than we expect! Wrapping the presents can be a very pleasurable experience, but only if you allow yourself the time to do it with care.

Perhaps you choose a theme every year in terms of colour for your wrap and gift tags – plan ahead, buy in bulk, and be creative. Some jingle bells, a pretty tree decoration, or even a candy cane can be a lovely way to make your gifts even more appealing.


Order The Food

No-one wants a last-minute panic on Christmas Eve when everything should be done and dusted. Planning ahead is the key to success, and the big supermarkets generally publish their special festive food to order brochures in October.  Magazines are also sharing their special recipes.

Think about your big occasions, how many you will be catering for, and what you need to prepare. Add in plenty of nibbles and something quick and easy for unexpected guests. You can place your Godminster order any time – the sooner you do, the sooner you can check something off your list – and choose a delivery date to suit you between now and Christmas. All the cheddar already has a best before date into the new year.

You can also order our cheddar in various gift sets.


Co-ordinate Diaries

Christmas is a time like no other in the year for the number of events you need to be at, and co-ordinating it all can be challenging. From the nativity play at school, the carol service at the local church, or a Christmas party with friends, there are sure to be lots of demands on your time. Planning for Christmas and writing everything down will help make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Write everything down on your calendar as soon as you get the notification so you avoid diary clashes and don’t forget anything. As things start to look hectic, don’t feel bad about blocking out time to spend with your family and do nothing at all!

And when it comes to ordering your Christmas cheddar, why not take a look at the gift range and tick a few off your list? See the full range here.


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