Patience is a virtue

This week we pulled our very first horseradish root. The roots have been growing for four years to allow them to get to a substantial size. So this was something of an occasion here at Godminster!  With horseradish its best to harvest after the first frost. But as I mentioned last week we’ve also been waiting a long time for that. That’s why it’s only just been dug.

Once dug the root was then divided. The main roots have been harvested. The larger offshoots of the main root have been replanted to produce next year’s crop. So we won’t have to wait another four years this time! But for now, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. There are lots of lovely recipes that you can prepare using horseradish; from Hugh’s Roast beetroot with horseradish dressing and smoked mackerel to Nigel Slater’s meatballs with mustard and horseradish – but here at Godminster we like to do something a little different with it. We are now in the process of making our vodkas in time for Christmas (yes we have to think that far ahead!) which includes our wonderful Horseradish Vodka. Along with the horseradish we have been using the sloes that we picked in autumn to make our Sloe Vodka, an interesting alternative to sloe gin.  

Since October they have been in the freezer so they are all split and ready to go, a lot easier than pricking each one!



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