Pairing Organic Wine and Organic Cheese for Christmas

We all know that cheese and wine are a match made in heaven – even more so when they’re organic! Godminster Farm has been farming organically in the heart of Somerset for over twenty years and as a result we’ve seen a lot of beneficial changes to the countryside around us over the years. When it comes to producing drinks, organic viticulture is no different – growing vines and apple trees organically means less pesticides, increased biodiversity, no GM crops, and a closer relationship with the ecosystem that surrounds the farm.

This year the Soil Association reported an increase of 47% in the sales of organic wine. With this booming interest in making sure your wine, cider and port is as good for the environment as it is to drink, more and more cheese fans are looking to organic wine when it comes to pairing their organic cheeses this Christmas.

So what are the best organic wines and ciders to pair with the Godminster organic cheese range? Our friends at Vintage Roots are the experts when it comes to organic drinks and they’ve put together a few suggestions for your Christmas cheese and wine this year…


Godminster Christmas Celebrations


Emiliana Adobe Gewurztraminer with our Oak-Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar

“Our recommendation would be to pair the Chilean Adobe Gewurztraminer with the smoked cheddar cheese, which is never an easy wine match! This off dry white has rich enough creamy, spicy flavours to complement, and relatively high alcohol at 14% to add to its weighty feel and cope with the smoked flavours.”


Cuvee Secrete NS Chardonnay with our Vintage Organic Cheddar

“Our recommendation would be to pair the No Sulphur Added Chardonnay. Similar to a white Burgundy, its light oaked flavours are smooth and match like for like the creamy flavours of the vintage Classic Cheddar. Drink chilled.”


Dunkertons Premium Reserve Cider with our Vintage Organic Cheddar

“Our recommendation would be to pair the Premium dry cider from Dunkertons in Herefordshire. Apple and cheese is often a match made in heaven, the dry acidity and tannins in the apples are good at cutting through the creaminess in the Cheddar cheese. Drink chilled.”


Langhe Rosso – Camparo  with our Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar

“Our recommendation would be to pair the Piedmont (home of many a truffle!) Langhe Rosso, a blend of Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes, with the powerful black truffle cheese. It’s big flavours and tight acidity, coupled with leathery and spicy black fruit tones will match perfectly.”


Finest Reserve Port – Casal dos Jordoes 70 cl 20% with our Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar

“Our recommendation would be to pair the Finest Reserve Port, with any of the organic cheddars from Godminster. Due to its sheer weight of flavour and intensity, along with the 20% alcohol level and sweetness that accompanies that, this excellent organic Port will complement, and clean your palate between all your best cheese nibbles.”


If your tastebuds have been tantalised by our pairings, then make sure to enter our competition to win all of the above and an Ultimate Triple Cheddar Collection! You can also browse the whole range of organic drinks on the Vintage Roots website.


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