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Latest Happenings

5th May 2010
The buds on the trees are on the brink of bursting into flower, the sun is high in the sky,…

Babington House’s Perfect Summer Pimms

17th March 2010
25ml Godminster Cucumber Vodka 25ml Pimms Chopped strawberries Chopped cucumber Chopped orange Mint leaves Ginger ale Lemonade In a tall…


21st September 2009
Days get longer and warmer, and so starts spring. This is our call, and in between showers from rainbow-edged clouds,…


21st September 2009
Grass and clover, grown to provide our herd with the best food over winter, is ready to cut.

Fantastic Year for Blackcurrants

18th September 2009
It’s been a fantastic year for blackcurrants, thanks to the right mix of sunshine and showers during June and July.

Benefitting from the Wettest July Since 1888

18th September 2009
The ample rain can often cause problems for the farm but this year many crops are benefitting. Our trees are…

Experimenting with Elderflower & Rhubarb

18th September 2009
We’ve been using this season’s elderflower and rhubarb to whip up cordials to capture their freshest possible taste to later…

A Cheese To Please

15th September 2009
Godminster Vintage can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Chicken & Eggs

15th September 2009
Animal welfare is taken very seriously under organic standards and the benefits are acknowledged by the UK government. Read on…


15th September 2009
Our horseradish vodka makes a bloody good Bloody Mary and the elderflower is frightfully fruity and are available by mail…


8th September 2009
When the Christmas turkey is forgotten and the cows are bedded in for the winter, we can make time to…

About us – Godminster

4th September 2009
Life at Godminster is governed by a healthy respect for tradition and an enterprising spirit of innovation.

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