Our Top Tips for a Happy & Healthy Herd!

Although organic farming isn’t just limited to making sure that our dairy herd is as happy and healthy as can be, it’s still a pretty big factor! Here are a few of our top tips from farm owner Richard on how we keep our 330 strong herd of mixed dairy cows as happy, clean and healthy as possible:


1.Plenty of Space

We give each cow plenty of individual cubicle space (which keeps the ladies from trampling on each other) fitted with rubber chip mattresses and topped off with bedding to maximise cow hygiene and comfort


2. Keeping it Clean

Passageways in buildings are automatically scraped up to six times per day to make sure our cow sheds are as clean as can be


3. Lots of Ventilation

We make sure our sheds are fully ventilated – this means we have plenty of gaps between roof panels to release condensation and one third of the roof panels are clear to let lots of Somerset sunshine come streaming in


4. Latest Tech

Our clever computer system monitors each individual cow and means we have the ability to detect any problems as early as possible


5. Homoeopathy

We routinely use homoeopathy to help with (in particular) mastitis and cell counts


6. Compost

By composting farm waste and applying it in rotation around the farm we make sure our organic soil structure is improved. Additionally, it helps prevent foot problems in the herd


7. Foraging

We line our many fields and cattle tracks with plants so that individual cows can forage to supplement their mineral metabolism.  This includes comfrey, borage, ash, blackcurrant, vine and hop


8. Quality Feed

Quality organically assured feed is important! We have taken on extra fields at the farm in order to provide high-quality forage. The cows are able to help themselves as they walk around the fields and to and from the barn


9. Shelter

Over the years we’ve planted plenty of extra broadleaf trees, more than 25,000! We planted in and around our fields to help protect our girls with shelter. Also for shade during extremely rainy and sunny periods


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