Our Favourite Festive Cheeses

All the festivities at this time of year simply wouldn’t be the same without some special cheese. After all, what’s a celebration without a cheeseboard?! During the festive season, why not serve up some delicious and different cheeses to delight your guests, whether it’s a quiet Christmas Eve watching films and waiting for Santa, or a huge NYE house party expected to continue into the early hours? That’s the great thing about cheese – it’s perfect for any party.

For us, it’s really not difficult to choose our ultimate cheeses for the festive season! Many people love soft cheeses which can be baked and enjoyed as a fondue during the colder months, but a cheeseboard is always a winner. Take a look at our festive cheeseboard inspiration, ideal for a casual NYE party or a formal New Year’s Day after-dinner treat.


What makes the perfect cheeseboard?

A wide variety of cheeses is the best way to satisfy tastebuds when it comes to a cheeseboard. Then, of course, it’s not all about the individual cheeses, but what they are served with. For a festive touch, why not add baked figs to the board, along with fruity chutneys and flavoured crackers? As a general rule of thumb, a cheeseboard should have a cheddar, a brie, a blue and a mystery guest. Here are our recommendations!

Vintage organic cheddar

The perfect consistency for slicing and placing on a cracker, organic cheddar is a favourite for many. Rich, strong and buttery, it makes the perfect dessert which is why it fits so nicely onto a cheeseboard.

Organic brie

In juxtaposition with the mature hard cheddar, you should have a softer cheese, and we always prefer a brie. Godminster organic brie is smooth and subtle, and simply ideal for spreading on a cracker or biscuit.

Stilton blue

While blue cheese isn’t always to everybody’s taste, a deep flavoured smelly cheese should always have a place on a cheeseboard. We recommend one of the best traditionally made crusted Stiltons – Colston Bassett. The flavours linger on the palate and pair well with Pinot Noir.


Now, for the mystery guest cheese! We like to include a twist on a classic cheese, rather than just offering another hard or soft cheese. For example, Godminster’s oak-smoked vintage cheddar is delicious and offers a unique taste that your guests may have never experienced. A herby cheese, such as brie infused with garlic and chives, can also go down well at Christmastime.

All that’s left to say from Godminster is we hope you have a wonderful festive period! Take a look at our recipe pages for more cheese inspiration.

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