Organic Your September!

This month is ‘Organic September’ – a nationwide celebration of organic food & drink championed by our friends at the Soil Association. At Godminster we will be joining in the festivities with a brand new sale on our website involving all three of our award-winning organic cheeses in our ‘Organic Selection’ set – click here to get yours!

If you’re travelling through Somerset on your way on holiday (or if you’re lucky enough to live locally!) then you can visit the Godminster shop in Bruton to enjoy our sale from the 5th to the 11th September. Try all of our cheeses. As well as enjoy 10% off the whole award-winning Godminster range. 

Organic farming isn’t just about making sure that our dairy herd is as happy and healthy as can be. Although that is a pretty big factor! It’s also about keeping all 1300 acres of Godminster Farm overflowing with biodiversity. We do this through careful hedgerow management, planting new trees, maintaining our many diverse ponds, and so much more.

The cows at Godminster Farm enjoy a simple and wholesome life and as a result, produce deliciously creamy milk. The freshness of the milk and the sustainable, organic approach to farming is a major contributor to the delicious and distinctive taste of our award-winning Godminster cheese and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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