On the farm

For most people the very wet start to autumn has been something of an inconvenience. But, for our grasslands it has been very welcome. Especially, as I look out onto the pastures they are incredibly lush and green as we enter November. However the rain has not been a complete blessing as it has disrupted our harvest. But we are now right back on course.

As we bring in the harvested crops some of it inevitably spills from the sides of our trailers and onto the lanes that link the farm. It is always amusing to watch the chattering sparrows squabble over pickings from the farm road. I am fascinated by the fluctuations in populations of the various animals that call Godminster Farm their home and as we enter autumn I have noticed that it is a very good year for wood pigeon, rabbits, foxes and deer.

It has not been such a good year though for swallows and in particular swifts as we have seen far fewer of them during the summer months than in previous years.



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