Moo Monitors – cutting edge technology at Godminster Farm


Here at Godminster Farm the wellbeing of every cow is absolutely paramount.

We are happy to reveal that our organic cows are now wearing brand new, bright blue rumination collars. This revolutionary technology is a health monitoring program that includes an app for smartphones. It tracks the rumination (the cows chewing the grass) and activity of each cow. The data we gather is based on the behaviour of the cows and means that if there is any metabolic abnormality we can pick it up early. In fact all the dairy staff, the program sends a notification as soon as it occurs! This ties in with our commitment to farming organically and preventing any disease before it has a chance to develop. The program then transmits all of the data from each cow’s collar back to the hub. We then can track and monitor it. 

So, as you can see the health of our 280 organic herd (that makes the milk that goes into our organic cheese) is carefully managed with a dedication to high standards of animal welfare.


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