Some of you may have seen already (we actually missed it – but thankfully our friend on twitter @alexillustrator brought it to our attention) but our creamy organic cheddar made it to the ‘top table’ on MasterChef on Monday night – follow this link and it appears a few times from 3 mins 22 secs.

The competition is really heating up and on Monday’s show they were given a range of cuts of meat as inspiration - beef cuts including fillet, sirloin, bavette, rump, rib eye and fore rib, as well as a whole chicken and giblets. They had just one hour and forty-five minutes to prepare a stand out starter and main using only the cuts of meat and some of the hand-picked ingredients laid out by the judges – which included one of our cheddars which stands out thanks to our burgundy wax.

Unfortunately the chefs didn’t choose to use Godminster in their dishes- which is perhaps where a few of them fell down!  We’ve been thinking and here’s our little idea for a MasterChef dish – Godminster style…..

Rump Rarebit

1 Heat a heavy based griddle-pan or frying pan until it is hot.  Also, heat the grill to hot.

2   Take a prime piece of aged rump steak and rub a little oil over both sides – and season with black pepper - but not salt.

3   In a bowl, stir together a handful of grated Godminster, a half-teaspoon of English mustard, a glug of cider/ale/apple juice and mix well together to form a spreadable paste.

4 Slap your steak on the pan and cook to your liking on one side – making sure you get it good and crusty – then flip over and while the other side is cooking, spread the Godminster mix onto the crusty side of the Rump.  Now, wait for a minute and then when the steak is almost ready, slap it in the same pan under the grill and watch it like a hawk as the cheese will bubble and melt.

5 When you have a suitably bubbly and toasted top to the steak, place it on a posh plate, leave for a minute to rest (the rarebit will settle down and make friends with the rump) then serve with watercress and fat chips.

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