Let the festivities begin!

Let the festivities begin!


Here at Godminster the busiest time of the year is now in full swing. As I mentioned a few weeks ago we are well prepared with boxes and boxes of our very finest infused vodkas, organic wax wrapped cheddars and sweet chutneys. Now as the orders come flying in the shelves are growing lighter each day. It’s always interesting to see which of our products are most popular in the build up to Christmas.

Sometimes it’s a perfect chutney for the Boxing Day spread. Sometimes it’s a particular infused vodka that really hits the spot when celebrating! This year we have noticed that our new fruit cake and cheddar cheese combo is proving to be all the rage! It’s an offering that may cause debate. Even division across the dining table, but it has really struck a chord with those willing to challenge their taste buds! 

Where Richard grew up in Yorkshire the combination has been a firm favourite for generations. Our mature Godminster Cheddar with an indulgent fruit cake from The Simply Delicious Fruit Cake Company is something a bit different for Christmas. It’s not just the fruit cake and cheese combo that is flying off the shelves. Our Bloody Mary gift pack including horseradish vodka seems to be a bit of a must-have for Christmas. Along with our Quince Vodka as well.

We can guarantee that any orders placed before 20th December will reach you before Christmas. But one thing to bear in mind is that 20th December will also be our last dispatch day until January 5th. So if you want the finest organic cheese, the most moreish chutney, or that special infused vodka to ring in the New Year please don’t delay your order!


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