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The buds on the trees are on the brink of bursting into flower. With temperatures starting to soar, Spring is certainly blossoming into Summer.  As Mother Nature prepares to change the seasons once more, life at Godminster Farm is also blooming. We’re preparing to launch a series of four sumptuous soft cheese!

The Perfect Cheeseboard

Over the last few years, we’ve been striving to perfect our range of produce for a cheeseboard. Our hugely popular Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar and our Oak Smoked Cheddar. Also our award-winning cheddar crackers, chutney and delicious vodkas.  But we’ve always mused how nice it would be to add a delicious soft cheese selection to our range.

When Richard Harbourd, a nearby local farmer and owner of soft cheese manufacturer Daisy & Co, decided to hang up his boots to retire, we didn’t want to see his business close so we decided that serendipity had stepped in and bought Daisy & Co from him.  Over the last few months, Richard has been a great support in giving us advice about Daisy & Co and his delicious-tasting cheeses.

Traditional Methods

Taking traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years, Daisy & Co’s expert cheesemaker Stephen Dyer will continue making Daisy & Co’s range of mouth-watering soft cheeses on site, using fresh organic milk from a local Jersey herd.  Tastefully packaged and full of flavour, we have four new additions. They are Goldilocks, Black-eyed Susan, Indian Blanket and Viper’s Grass.

With each soft cheese oozing with different tastes and textures, there’s something for every discerning cheese lover. But what are they like?

Here’s a quick overview to get your juices flowing:

  • Goldilocks is a soft cheese, ripened in the traditional way by the action of the soft white mould which covers the mature cheese. The interior is a bright golden colour with a soft creamy texture. The taste is full and rich, similar to but stronger than brie, with subtle depths and flavours. As the cheese ripens the colour deepens, the flavour becomes stronger and the cheese begins to “run” like thick Jersey cream.
  • Indian Blanket is simply a young Goldilocks which has been lightly smoked over untreated oak chips thus producing an unusual and definitely moreish cheese.
  • Black-eyed Susan is created by taking a young Goldilocks cheese and rolling it in black peppercorns. The peppercorns have first been carefully crushed by hand to allow sufficient “bite” to remain. The crunchy texture and spicy taste of the peppercorns contrast wonderfully with the smoothness and creaminess of the cheese.
  • Viper’s Grass is a soft cheese flavoured throughout with garlic and with chopped chives distributed inside and coated over the outside, giving a delicious taste as well as a pleasing appearance.

We hope that you enjoy our latest additions, and watch out for us at forthcoming events around the country to have a bite!

Taste of Somerset Awards and Others

Clearly buying a new business should be enough to keep us all busy. But in April we also sponsored the ‘Best Local Food Town or Village’ category in the Taste of Somerset Awards. This award is the brainchild of the Blackmore Vale Media.  The glittering award ceremony, saw food lovers across Somerset place their votes. Our very own Jessica Kimber-Holloway was on hand on the night to announce the winner.  Frome scooped the accolade of Best Local Food Town or Village, with Wells and Castle Cary as finalists.  A Fairtrade town where all coffee shops sell only Fairtrade, coupled with food festivals and a fantastic selection of butchers, delis and bakeries, Frome won hands down.  Many congratulations once again!

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