Just one more reason why it’s good to be organic…

A new study by the Natural Environmental Research Council has found that ladybirds, fed on aphids from organic crops are more likely to survive than those fed on aphids from conventional crops  which use fertilisers and pesticides – so that’s just one more reason to buy organic when you can.

Our aim at Godminster is to create a self-sustaining environment where nature can regenerate and flourish, so a study showing that ladybirds are more likely to survive thanks to the way we farm is music to our ears.

Over the last decade, we have created and restored numerous natural habitats and reintroduced native species to replenish ecosystems on the farm, and although there are no studies to prove this one – we truly believe the way that we choose to responsibly farm is reflected in the taste, flavour and vitality of the products we make…. we hope you agree!