Introducing… Godminster’s 1.5kg Traditional Westcountry Farmhouse Cheddar

It was in 2020, in between one lockdown and another, that the Godminster team decided that we needed to do something special to celebrate our ‘coming of age’ moment. And what better way to celebrate maturing over our 21 years than with a very special cheddar cheese!

We turned to our fantastic cheesemaking neighbours, the Keens family, to create this celebratory cheddar cheese using their generations of expert knowledge. While it wouldn’t be certified as organic itself, we decided the cheese itself should be made exclusively using only Godminster Farm’s own organic milk. Our team popped in to see how things were going during the make and saw firsthand all the skill and hard work of the Keens cheesemakers that went into crafting these limited edition truckles!




The result?

The Flavour: A Deliciously Different Experience

A pleasantly natural, unadulterated and authentic traditional farmhouse cheddar. Dry and moreish yet full of clean, grassy flavours that evoke the rolling green pastures of Bruton, Somerset. Crumbly and moreish – perfect for a juicy farmhouse chutney or a spicy chilli jam.


The Texture: Crumbly and Flaky in all the Right Ways

Unlike the Godminster waxed range, this cheddar is crumbly and flaky with a much firmer and drier consistency than our smooth and buttery waxed truckles. Remember to reseal your traditional cheddar tightly to keep it from drying out!


How to Enjoy your Traditional Cheddar

Carefully use a serrated knife to cut away at the seams, then unfurl the cloth binding to reveal the golden cheddar beneath. The drama is best performed with an audience gathered around your cheeseboard for the full theatrical experience!


We’ve only created 500 of these very special 1.5kgs cheddars so make sure you order yours online or in our shop before they all get snapped up!


21st Birthday traditional cheddar

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